How Being In A Helathy Relationship Is Actually Good For Your Health

You must agree with me that being in a relationship is bliss. There is no feeling that beats having a life partner who you share life moments with. Even though there would always be difficult times in a relationship, the memories built together, trust and the love between couples of a healthy relationship would always keep them together. A healthy relationship is always better than a mere friendship between two people. In this post I will be explaining a few tips and benefits of building a healthy relationship with your partner:

  1.    Trust. This is a fundamental aspect of every successful relationship that if absent, insecurities begin to come in. These insecurities would eventually cost you your relationship if not taken care of early enough. Trust is believing that your partner would always have your best interest at heart either in your presence or absence.
  2.    Be someone worthy of trust, be genuine. This is self-explanatory, it is one thing to trust a partner, and it is another thing to be worthy of trust yourself. Do not hide your true self from your partner at the early stage of the relationship.
  3.    Allow individuality. It is easy to get carried away and become too clingy, it will do your relationship a lot good if you give each other personal space.
  4.    Be a confidant. Do not get too busy with work and other life matters that you cannot afford to give time for your significant other. Being available is important but that is, not all. Have a listening ear. You should be the one who your partner trusts enough to tell personal secrets too. Do not go about sharing your partner’s private matters to people outside the relationship. Once you lose this trust, building it back would take a longer time.

It is that easy to build a healthy relationship, although it takes a lot of time and experience, it turns out to be worth it in the end. Now that we have an understanding of what it takes to build a healthy relationship, let us have a look at the benefits of healthy relationships.

  1.    Better health. You will agree with me that fights in a relationship go way beyond the physical, it gives sleepless night, loss of appetite, and lack of focus. But a healthy relationship would bring about stress relief, healthy eating and support from spouses would even bring about regular health checkup and exercise.
  2.    Stress relief. A healthy relationship would support and enable people to feel better about themselves. Stress is unhealthy itself that it can lead to problems with insulin levels, the immune system and the coronary arteries.
  3.    Longer life. A study shows that, lack of a healthy relationship is equivalent to smoking up to 20 sticks of cigarettes a day. When your mind is settled about issues related to your relationship, you will have lower stress levels, eat healthy and have a clear mind. Those are the factors necessary for a longer life.
  4.    Increased hormones. Studies have shown that men in a healthy relationship have higher levels of the dopamine and testosterone hormones. The dopamine hormone is the feel good hormone that is secreted by the brain, when you listen to good music, have sex, and play with friends.

Go on have a healthier life by having a happy and healthy relationship!