For a growing grandchild, spending time with grandparents means a sure shot decision for vacations to come together.

For a growing teenager, talking with grandparents means an abundance of love for years to come together.

For a growing adult, taking advice from grandparents means a lifetime of solutions for decades to come together.

Any moment spent with your grandparents casts an everlasting spell on the children or grandchildren. Ten pearls of wisdom that you can reap the benefit from your beloved grandparents –


  1. Historical history of the family

 Imagine your ancestors fought in the world war. Wouldn’t it be crazy and amazing at the same time to know about your bloodline? Who else can tell you about the people in the black and white photos? Grandparents come in handy when you want to know about your historical family history.


  1. Donation is key

Grandparents have lived their lives and now augment the dwells of their children and grandchildren. They already know the mistakes they have gone through and do not want you to repeat them. So, they tell you one prime most reason for survival – give to nature just as much as you get from it. Donate the first change you get to the needy generation of today.


  1. Disciplined lifestyle

Grandparents spent their lives experimenting with their daily schedules. They do not want the same lifestyle issues to come crawling into the lives of their children. Or their grandchildren. So, they teach them the importance of following a definite schedule that works best for one.


  1. Do not just work. Play at times.

Grandparents know that if their children and grandchildren do not spend their lives playing and keep working. Then they will miss out on many things. Playing cards, dumb charades, or other board games are as important as submitting projects before the deadline.


  1. Wisdom of life, love, and the like

 There is nothing beyond life, love, and the like. All the wisdom there is to know about love and life, you can learn from your grandparents. They are the powerhouses of wisdom and knowledge.


  1. Blood is everything

No matter which country you step into or which cruise you dive into, a family should always come first. Grandparents teach us the importance of keeping family ties despite having innumerable differences, clashes, and soreness.


  1. Laughter is a best friend.

Throughout the lives of grandparents, they spent being grumpy and mushy. They do not want the same hurricane to hit their children or grandchildren. So they never fail to advise them that laughing at your sorrows will make them look smaller and extinguishable.


  1. Go after what you love.

Your life is your slate. You write on it what you want best for yourself. Grandparents know that they never got to have their slate and chalk. Yet, they want their grandchildren to have it.


  1. Do something global

It is not true when they say that revolutionary ideas come only to rebellious people. They sometimes come to revolutionary grandparents! Your grandparents want you to do something that can affect people at the global level.


  1. Emotional teddy bear

 When parents become unmanageable, you can always count on your grandparents to give you a shoulder. They will always be out there even though you do not feel like facing the world alone.