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How to Date a Professional Athlete

If you want to hitch yourself with a professional athlete, please take a seat and pay attention!

As you know, being with a professional athlete comes with a lot of plusses, as you’ve probably seen from the WAGS series. From the private jets, exclusive parties, huge furnished houses, front row tickets at the games to wearing nothing but designer outfits as much as you want. It sounds like some little heaven down for you, right?

Most probably, that’s what you want but remember that there are’ lows’ even in the ‘highs’. It is not easy maintaining a relationship with all the attention from the world. More so, there will be countless travelling, demanding schedule, paparazzi and attention from other women.

Are you still ready to date a professional athlete? Read on.


Stay Cool

Your athlete boyfriend always receives attention, praises and worship from the field to everywhere they go. Even though he has excellent skills to offer at the court, you should always remain calm. Please do not join the bandwagon in worshipping him but be confident that you also have something to offer. Besides, you are still somebody even without fame.

This way, your boyfriend will see the difference in you from the usual attention they get out there. Every man deserves a self-confident lady that keeps her cool all the time.


Trust Your Relationship

Refer to the first rule of staying calm, and you need to trust your relationship. Being with a famous boyfriend means you signed up to be with a man who will always get attention from other women starting with the cheerleaders close to him.

Therefore, always trust your relationship and don’t get upset by every little thing you see out there. It would be best to make a point of trusting yourself, your heart and being in it for the right reasons. This way, you will trust your guy and what you have to avoid a toxic relationship.


Ride or Die Kind of Girl

Commitment and loyalty are everything that sustains a relationship with a professional athlete. The truth is, you will face several scandals with women and other things out there against your man. You will need to show your man that you are there for them to get through the ‘dark times together.

As long as there’s trust in the relationship, ensure you have his back. Sometimes, join him in the games to give him support, especially when playing against tough competition. Ensure you uphold a great image of him in public and be ready to defend him always.


Do You

Just because you are finally dating the man of your dreams, don’t stop living. It would help to have a life outside your relationship. Go ahead and have a career of what you love to do and earn. Even though it would be near impossible to earn as much as he does, making your money will give you some worth.

Depending on your guy is not a safe move as you have no ground to fall back on when the relationship ends. Also, having your career will keep you busy not to follow so much on what he does out with friends. But do not neglect your position and keep tabs on him and balance both you and him.

Well, is this something you can do? A professional athlete is still human at the end of the day. Besides all the rules and conditions for a successful relationship, nothing beats the TLC (Tender, Love and Care).