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How to move forward in a relationship?

Relationships are one of the most beautiful things in everyone’s life. It could be between you and your spouse, partner, or even friends. The feeling of having someone by your side in good or bad times is surreal. Unfortunately, not everyone sticks around. It is one of life’s harsh truths. Life does not remain the same at all. Things change, people change and often they leave.

But, if you have people in your life who stay by your side no matter what, appreciate them. It is difficult to help someone deal with tough times and keep doing it again and again. Therefore, it is not only important to have relationships but also to maintain them. People often take their partners for granted that if once they have them, they sit back and relax. If you want a good relationship for a long period, you need to work for it. We build relationships on efforts and time. You need to make them work and give your significant other some part of the time in your life. This makes them feel special and further strengthens your bond.

Let us learn more about how to move forward in a relationship and grow with your partner.


How to Move Forward in a Relationship?

If you have a partner or spouse, you must understand the value of moving forward in a relationship. You both should together grow by the end of each year and see some progress.

  1. Set a common goal: It is important to set goals together. These goals, while being common, must be a little challenging as well. For ex: you can plan that after few years, you would move to a new and better house, or would save a particular amount together. This will build a sense of companionship between you and help you move forward.
  2. Celebrate special days: By celebrating, you should not look to host big parties or spend a ton of money every other month. First, identify the few special days that you have with your partner. It could be their birthday, anniversary, a special memory from the past, etc.

You can be with them on this day, or write a letter, go on a date or even cook for them something they like to celebrate!

  1. Communicate: It is strange how we easily forget the most important foundation of any good relationship. Without communicating, you are not only falling behind in the relationship but also weakening the bond. Take out as much time as possible and sit with your partner. Tell them how your day was and ask them too.
  2. Do the little things: We often confuse that building a relationship requires big efforts. While this may be true sometimes, in most couples, doing the little things helps a lot. You can try to help them with their work a bit, cook for them, massage them on a tiring day, etc.

You should learn to look at your relationship like growing a tree. You first sow the seed and nurture the soil to see a plant and then with little but consistent efforts, grow a tree in a long time. This is the reality of relationships and how they move forward.