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Long Distance Relationships – Come With Expiry Dates?

It is the longing that comforts the soul. Have you ever heard of this? No, right. We just made it up. For newbies in the atmosphere of love, it is the continuous and constant presence of a beloved that ignites passion and keeps the love’s flame burning.

Back in the good old days of no relationship, long-distance was the only hope of believing, trusting, and looking after love. Even though- there were zero chances of keeping in touch back then. Now, in the era of young blood, long-distance is much easier.

Thanks to the digital platform. It not only lets you see the person but also talk to your loved one for hours together.

Just that, the definition of long-distance relationships has changed. It has changed from longing for love to relationships that come with expiry dates.

Nowadays, the young blood is so fierce, transparent, and superficial that he/she doesn’t understand the true meaning of love.

For example:- Lovers who got attracted to one another licentiate from the tantamount college. They mutually agree to a deal-breaker.

The deal-breaker is that they will not survive a long-distance relationship. So it would be better if youngsters break the relationship.

They would break it with no hard feelings in their hearts, heads, and quintessence.

The reasons the young blood states differ from person to person. Some of the elite ones include-


• Out of the peck, out of the intellect

The lover won’t be in front of you to love, comfort, care, and support. What’s the use of loving someone distant?


• Constant mistrust on the partner

No matter what you do or what you go through, your partner would always try to spy on you. Thanks to the long-distance.


• Live in the moment – concept.

The coming generation of youth believes in today. Youngsters live as if there is no prospective and promise of tomorrow.

A lover is not here to live in the moment or enjoy the current event- what’s the point in keeping a long-distance relationship?


• There is a lack of magic.

Unless and until the lover is right in front of you, there is nothing magical in the relationship. The magic felt between two lovers will always lack sparkle, thanks to the miles of long-distance.


• No patience for listening to your partner

Long-distance relationships keep you posted about your partner. But that’s not all.
You don’t know if your partner is having a cup of tea or coffee. There’s no patience to keep up with the daily musings or daily bits of white lies.

The young blood of today believes in constant and upgoing love. They don’t want to survive a considerable-distance relationship. Because they understand they will not manage to thrive with the 18th-century mentality. So, yes, for the young generation, long-distance relationships come with expiry dates. They know for sure- that they will not keep being able to keep the flame of the love burning long. They are better off without a far away relationship.