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Multi-Partner Relationships – A Hope For Happiness

Linda, a 22-year-old medical pupil, experienced the shock of her life when she found out the love of her life had slept with a prostitute when away overseas.

It changed her completely.

Sadness crept in.

Peace went out.

Days became years.

Anger turned to forgiveness.

Acceptance became her key to carrying forward her relationship.

Just that, now she wept for happiness.

One fine evening, she opened a dating application. It gave her a sense of excitement, an unfound sense of joy.

Even today, she is dating three men at a time, of course, apart from her relationship with the unfaithful boyfriend.



For starters, nowadays, people search in abundance about “polygamy” and “open relationship” over the internet space. Topics that felt taboo a year ago- are now becoming trendsetters and fashionable assets.

Somehow the people of today believe that happiness cannot come in a single human packet. It comes from different people.

And, so multi-partner relationships are on the rise, and there is no stopping to that.

Unless and until you and your partner live in the 18th-century mentality- Where love could only happen once with a single human being. Just like penguins? They marry only once, that too, for a lifetime.

Back in the days when AIDS was prevalent, in the 1980-1990s, having sex with multiple people got considered unsafe. Then on, it went on to become an ethical decision for the survival of marriages.

But now, after decades together, the non-monogamy culture is back with a bang. There are many families where there are two mothers and one father to children living in the same family.

Some of the families have three gay dads to their children.

Multi-partner relationships get transactions by the mutual consideration and understanding of multiple partners. Their families grow up loving their three parents all at once.



 For some women, it is the mistrust in men that leads them to develop feelings for other women.

The attraction between two same-sex couples is as natural and acceptable as an attraction between two opposite sexes.

So, exploring other options through readily-available dating applications like Tinder, Bumble, Ok Cupid, Truly Madly, and the like becomes easy.

These readily available options lead to non-monogamous and queer relations.

For men and women- it is part and parcel of fantasizing about dating two people.

And parcel of fantasizing about having sex with two people at the same time.

In some countries, there is a little slow but the accomplished achievement of polyamorous marriages. Polyamorous relationships or marriages are where there were two fathers and a single mother or three fathers to a child.



Men and women did not come into this world to love only one person all their lives.

They came to conquer the hearts of many. So, yes, multi-partner relationships in present times are hoped for the ultimate form of happiness. Happiness will only multiply if shared with many people. Unlike sadness, happiness is the goal for humanity, correct?